Big Head Basketball

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Big Head Basketball
Big Head Basketball
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Big Head Basketball ; Big Head Basketball is great sport game on! Play big head basketball with NBA players that come Harlem. Choose your player,set the time and select the court at the beginning of the game. Two players are ready in the court. Move player with ARROW keys. First attempt can be failed as a rookie but you don't give up. Typically, basketball players are tall, but in this game they have small size body with large head. Players can just use heads and hands to throw the ball. Other parts of players bodies don't seem during game. So you just use heads and hands only for shooting. If you play nailed in the court your opponent strictly score points. So you should be mobile during game. Normally, kids usually play basketball their school teams or college teams. They follow Kobe's lead and other major players. Schools encourage kids playing basketball. Because basketball leads to dicipline. This dicipline leads to success. Big head basketball is 1 player. If you want to play two player version of this game, you try Sport Head Basketball game.

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